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Greetings, and thank you for visiting.  The goal of CrazyTim Travel is to provide honest, useful opinions on all aspects of travel, for the “real-life” traveler.  Why?  Professional critics are exactly that.. critics.  Their goals and criteria that are important to them are different from you and me.  For example, when I stay in a hotel, I care about how nice the pool is, whether or not the room is comfortable, whether the wireless Internet is any good, and if I can hear the people next door even though they are not yelling.   I do not care (much) if the room has crown molding or marble sinks.  Also, I have found the reviews posted on large travel websites to be lacking in the information I look for, when deciding on accommodations, food, entertainment, and the like.  What we will provide will include the information I feel has been lacking elsewhere.

About me: I am a married IT Professional that simply loves to travel.  Among my favorite destinations are Orlando, FL (Walt Disney World in particular), Las Vegas, and Vancouver, BC Canada.

About “CrazyTim:”  Tim was our first cat.  A picture that was taken years ago that earned him the name CrazyTim.  He had non-crazy moments too, but not many. 🙂   CrazyTim Travel sounded much more unique than “George’s travel blog” or similar.

My commitment is to provide:

MANY OPINIONS.  Everyone has their own opinions.  I may hate something you love, or vice versa.  They’re opinions.  I will take detailed notes, take pictures, form opinions, and share them here.  If you take my advice, and it helps you, then mission accomplished.

AS MUCH USEFUL DATA AS WE CAN:  We will take impartial data from our perspective and post them as accurate as of our experience.  Should it change on a repeat visit, we will post that too.  If you have something to add or corrections to suggest, such as a restaurant changing their menu or format drastically, or a hotel changing owners, please do let us know.  All data sampling (such as Internet speed) may obviously vary from your own experiences.  What we post is what we observed during our own visit.

I’m sure we’ll make errors or typos or the like.  I will correct those as soon as I am aware of them, to maintain what you read here as accurate as I am able.  Every article posted here will detail observations and opinions from our own personal experiences, to the best of our ability.  If you are one of those folks that interprets everything they read on the Internet as gospel, please see a doctor. 🙂


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